Located in Chelmsford, Essex, Leila is a Mum of two little wild boys who spend their days covered in dirt, half naked and searching for bugs and beasties. It was these crazy little men that started her love affair with the camera. Never wanting to miss a moment of the action, she always has her camera in tow, collecting memories like treasures. Her aim is to keep these treasures safe, ready for her and her tribe to recall all of their special moments whenever they feel the want. For Leila photography is about connections, emotion and nostalgia. Her images aim to capture the spirit and inspire the purveyor to reminisee. She wants you to feel when you see. Leila is on a journey with her photography is far from over far from perfect, but she firmly believes it is our journeys and our imperfections that make us who we are. She aims to embrace that and would love it if you let her embrace your journey too.

If you have taken a peek at my work and you love what I do then I would love to do it for you. Get in touch and I will work on capturing the magic for you and your little ones.