Since mid-April I have been unable to work, spending three weeks in hospital and having to give up some super exciting jobs in the process. Luckily for me, my illness should be short-lived and I am almost back to normal.A couple of weekends ago I finally got back behind the camera and what a pleasure it was. I had forgotten how good it felt!

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2018 Reflections

Whirlwind. That’s how I would describe 2018. Work was fairly quiet as I focused on my Masters degree and photography wise, I didn’t produce as much personal work as I usually do. It was also a year of growth, as a person and as a photographer. I am beginning to find my true voice in my art and my personal life has brought magical treasures in the form of family and love. It has been a complicated year, bet hey, what years isn’t?

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Do you print your photos?

Let’s face it, most of us (me included (hangs head in shame!)) rarely print our photos. We keep them on our phones, have them scrolling in the background, flick through them occasionally and maybe share a few on Facebook, where every year they get thrown back up at us as memories. So why should we print our photos at all? 

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