Do you print your photos?

Let’s face it, most of us (me included (hangs head in shame!)) rarely print our photos. We keep them on our phones, have them scrolling in the background, flick through them occasionally and maybe share a few on Facebook, where every year they get thrown back up at us as memories. So why should we print our photos at all? Especially when many of us spend more and more time in our virtual worlds and less and less in the real world. Well, firstly because they are special and deserve to be treated as such. They are tactile, tangible things that in years to come will be so much more precious to share with our children and grandchildren than simply goggling a screen. Secondly, printing our images protects us from losing them. It’s all too easy to break a hard drive (I know this pain all too well!) or to lose your phone and see all your precious memories go with it. Even if we have them stored on a cloud, how long is it before we forget the password, or completely forget their existence in the first place? I think photos should be treated as heirlooms. Precious secrets and memories that we can rediscover, reminisce and remember. For all those reasons, photos NEED to be printed, even if they get shoved in a drawer and forgotten, they will soon be found and re-experienced time and time again.

My personal favourite way to display photos is in vintage frames, mismatched and placed all over the house. I like a bit of chaos, too much order makes me nervous, so this unorganised haphazard way of presentation suits me to a T. It is undeniably not for everyone though and most people prefer a more uniform organised approach, with neater wall displays that use similar frames. Blocks of frames work for this approach, often in a bold black or white colour, set out in groups of threes, fours, sixes or eights. If you want to go down this road I would choose your prints based on their colour. Pick all black and white prints or look for images with a theme running through them, such as greens or pinks. If you get this look right it can provide a real punchy wow factor to a room and show off your images beautifully.



Do you print your photos?

Having photos on display, however, you do it, make a home. They provide you with an everlasting memory of what’s important, add your own aesthetic to your home as well as telling those who visit you a little bit about who you are. But not all printed photos need to be displayed. Print them and hide them in surprising places, use them as bookmarks, keep them amongst piles of paperwork and then rediscover them as you are searching for something else. In the past I have printed photos for my husband on his birthday, our anniversary and Father’s Day, a habit I am getting back into this year. I am a serial picture taker (in case you hadn’t noticed..) so I always have plenty to print for him. He then tucks them away in memory boxes, ready for us all to pull back out again when the kids are older, or simply when we want to remember past times.

When it comes to printing though, you always need to think about quality. For the prints I make for my husband, I generally go to a high street store like Photobox. They aren't perfect but they are cheap and because I know the photos are going to be manhandled a lot, I’m not fussed about them being super quality. They serve their purpose as hands on memory joggers that get us all talking and laughing about times gone by. For display though, I always go for a higher quality option. I highly recommend The Print Space if you want to get them done yourself but if you have paid out for a session with a photographer, then aim to get your images printed through them. The quality will be far superior to anything you can get on the high street and absolutely worth the extra money. With photos, the quality is almost always reflected in the price.

However you go about it, make sure you do go about it. Print as much as you can and hoard the memories like treasure. They make wonderful gifts, to others and to yourself and you will never regret having boxes full of memories, just like our parents and grandparents had, hidden away, ready to be refound and reloved. 

If you are stuck on how to display your photos then check out my Pinterest board Photography Display Ideas. There are loads of different ideas and I want to try them all, I just don't have enough house to do it in!

How do you display your precious pics? Do you keep them in boxes or are you guilty of keeping them all on the cloud? I’d love to hear from you.

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