2019 Child Portrait Sessions

I luurve portraits. Like seriously love them! I cannot get enough of them and I really wanna incorporate that in my professional work as well as my personal work. Last year I dabbled with preschool portraits and totally loved it so this year I want to offer portraits to you too! I’m really keen to focus on the quirky, arty part of my craft so if you would love something a bit different for your walls, something that is full of life, feeling and personality then get in touch. I would be sooo excitied to create some wall art for you.

Inner Dinosaur

A portrait session will cost £75 for one child and up to an hours shooting time in the comfort of your own home. This will give plenty of time for your kiddo to warm up to the camera so we can create the images we want. Beforehand I will spend a short time checking out the light around your home, scouting out a location and chatting through ideas with you. Please don’t ever worry about mess either! I love mess and live in it myself, it comes with the kids. We aren’t photographing it so who cares, unless you want to of course! I will bring along a couple of plain backgrounds and some lights but wherever possible I will try and use the natural light in your house and your own walls as a background. Then I will spend some time getting to know your model and encouraging them to be themselves in front of the camera. Some kids will want to spend hours playing dress up and doing different shots, others will need a little encouragement. Ice cream anyone? It totally depends on their age too. Even if they are total grumps the whole shoot, which is never very often, I am confident we can get an awesome portrait of them in full grump mode. Sometimes the serious shots are totally the best!

After the shoot I will pull together a gallery of between 5 and 10 of the best shots for you to choose your wall art from. I offer some really beautiful mounted and unmounted fine art prints with the mounted fine art prints starting from £17 and digital images from £35. I don’t yet offer framed prints, but I can point you in the direction of recommended framers and offer advice on how best to display your images in your home. However you choose to do it, make sure you get those images up on your wall and don’t forget to send me a pic when they are up. I ladore seeing client’s work up in their own home, it’s a total buzz!

If you would like some seriously cool art for your walls that includes your favourite person then drop me a message here. I cannot wait to create something special just for you :-)