Model Call

From the minute my eldest was born I knew he had an affinity with nature. He sought out the light and if ever he cried, a walk outdoors would settle him as he took in the sights and sounds. I remember his little breathy gasps as the wind would rush past his little face and his fascination with watching the trees, even as a tiny baby. Even now, as he enters his first years of school, Nature is his happy place. This, combined with my own background in environmental education and conservation has led me to wonder what it is that connects us so strongly to the wild and natural parts of this world. there are lots of ideas about how people become connected or disconnected from nature, but most would agree that they believe a strong affinity with nature comes from our experiences in childhood.

Many of the pictures I take of my boys are of them playing in nature, simply because it is what we do, however, I have decided I would like to explore this connection further. I would like to start a photography project involving children and families who have a strong interest and passion for the natural world. I want to capture on camera, what it is that draws them to nature and what about it makes their hearts sing. So, if you are a family, or have a child who is fascinated with the natural world, and you would be keen to get involved, then please do get in touch.

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